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Financial Self Assessment Score

Financial Health Quotient

How Financially Healthy are You?

Budgeting income and expenses during a divorce is so important, yet it's often overlooked or not taken seriously. However budgeting can only take you so far. Total Financial Awareness is the key to maintaining financial viability and health.

Check out your awareness level with our exclusive Financial Health Quotient “FHQ” Self-Assessment tool. See how you sorce. The resalts may shock you?
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If you Score:

  • 30-45 points: Congratulations! You seem to have things under control, and are planning for a secure financial future.
  • 15-30 points: Not bad, but you need to start taking better care of your financial health. Seek help in areas where you know you're weak: from tax planning to budgeting.
  • 0-15 points: You need to seek professional advice yesterday! Your financial pro can show you where you are today, and where you'll be tomorrow. Helping you to create goals as well as a realistic plan for achieving them.

If you score low on this quiz, then you must begin managing your cash flow immediately. You also need to set priorities and goals, and start to allocate your resources accordingly. Look at your spending patterns and see ifthey are in line with your priorities and goals; whenever possible, you should reduce the amount spent on low-priority items to make more funds available for your high priority goals.

We at Ontario Divorce Finances can help you analyze the short-and long term impact of your divorce as well as the pros and cons of different settlement proposals, so ask us to explain the costs and benefits of a particular proposal before you sign it.

What is your Financial Health Self Assessment Score ? Find out now, the results may shock you.

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Our e-book series

Divorce Finances ebook

ebook contents:

5 Informitive Articules
  • Your financial reality
  • The 411 on property
  • Forward to settlement
  • Couples dispute resolution
  • Financial health check-up
  • And much more....
2 Actionable Checklist
  • Getting Started
  • Getting Organized
6 Useful Worksheets
  • Priorities
  • To-Do list
  • Budgeting
  • Spousal Support
  • Charting Assets
  • Household Inventory

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"There are about 4 to 5 routes to separation and divorce.  

The decisions you make early in the process and the route you take can make the difference of tens of 1000 of dollars and months or even years of delay." 

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